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Glass Pendant Necklaces


Our glass pendant necklaces and earrings (cabochons) are hand made.  Please allow 2 to 4 business days and appropriate shipping time.

If your order includes a personalized design, leave instructions at check out and then check your email to proof the artwork.

1. Choose your favorite collection, 2. Choose your Slogan, 3. Choose your Add-Ons and Options


Not Personalized No Earrings 9.00  |  Not Personalized with Earrings 12.00  |  Personalized No Earrings 12.00  |  Personalized with Earrings 15.00

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Little Bird

Glass Pendant Necklace - Little Bird - Live and Let Live

English Garden

Glass Pendant Necklace - English Garden - Expect A Miracle

Butterfly Bliss

Glass Pendant Necklace - Butterfly Bliss - Easy Does It

Red Lipstick

Glass Pendant Necklace - Red Lipstick - Keep it simple

Arizona Sun

Glass Pendant Necklace - Arizona Sun - One Day at a Time

Classic Blue

Glass Pendant Necklace - Classic Design - This too shall pass

Natalie’s B-day

Glass Pendant Necklace - Natalie's Birthday - First Things First

Arizona Sun