Sobriety Gift Shop

You’ve just found a great little shop full of unique gifts for people in sobriety!


Handmade Cards

Handmade sobriety cards

Sending or giving a handmade sobriety themed card will delight your friends, family, and friends in the program.  It’s the little things we do that can make someone’s day.  Sold individually or in batches of 10 to save money.

Coloring Book Pages

Buy it once, and print it often so you can color to your heart’s content or give as a gift to your favorite artist.

Sobriety Themed Charms

Charm Necklace - It's a beautiful day to be sober

Support your friends and family in their journey with the cutest little charm jewelry on the planet!  Available as necklaces, bracelets, key chains, and more!

Key Chains

Key chains can be a great little reminder for you or a friend on their recovery journey.  Choose from a wide variety of designs, or have one custom made!


Choose from a variety of AA or N.A. slogans and if you want, you can have any one of our cabochon products personalized!


Big Book Quote Bookmark - As we go through the day

Super affordable and long-lasting.  Each bookmark will save your place in your favorite book!


Be the first to get one of our candles and use it during your morning meditation or be a hero when you give it away as a gift!

God Dice & Cards

God Dice

Bundle includes:

  • Two 16mm white dice with the word GOD printed on all sides. No matter what you roll, God is always there!
  • Two randomly selected handmade sobriety-themed birthday cards!

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